1. USE A BOX!! 
  • Although padded envelopes may seem safe, they are flimsy and can bend during shipment.
  • Make sure your box is sturdy – we suggest ones with a double walled construction.
  1. Print TWO copies of your UPS shipping label. 
  • Place one outside the box and one inside with your photos in case the outside label gets becomes illegible during the shipping process. 
  1. Choosing to organize your photos? 
  • Separate them in clear plastic bags or divide them with cardboard to avoid bending.
  • Use a permanent marker and make sure to write legibly – we’ve found that using all upper case letters works best. 
  1. Pack your shipment tight. 
  • You don’t need to get fancy with bubble wrap or foam peanuts, old newspaper or paper towel will do the trick. Just be sure your photos aren’t sliding around during shipping.