1. Locate your old photos and memory books.

  • Dust off your outdated memories before fading, bending and tearing occur.
  • Organize and label........or don't!  Your order will be scanned chronologically so it's up to you.

2. Place your order.

  • Complete and submit the online order form.
  • Get access to a printer - You will receive a pre-paid UPS shipping label that you will print from your home or office.  This will be included in an automated e-mail as soon as your order is placed.

3. Ship to us.

  • Place your items in a sturdy box. Follow our simple Packing Pointers to make sure your precious cargo arrives safe.
  • You will receive an e-mail as soon as your package arrives.

4. We scan.

  • Your images will be scanned in high resolution: 600dpi.
  • You will receive a completion email with invoice as soon as your scans are completed and ready for download.

5. We ship back to you.

  • Your order will be sent back exactly as received along with your DVD and/or thumb drive.
  • Again, the return shipment is sent via UPS and is completely trackable.

Need more info? Check out our FAQ page.