1. Why choose Ship to Scan? 
  • Lowest price US scanning – Visit our Price Comparison Page
  • No hidden fees – Pay a flat rate per photo plus a fixed $20 shipping fee. Every time.
  • Fast turnaround time – Get your uploaded photos in two weeks or less. GUARANTED. Need them faster? With our Express Scan option you can get them in 7 business days!
  • No overseas shipping – ALL scanning is done right here in the USA! 
  1. Is Ship to Scan safe? 
In one word… YES! 
Our practices are backed by our Safety Assurance Plan – From our delivery tracking system to how we handle, scan and return your photos back to you. 
White cotton photo handling gloves are always worn to ensure your memories are protected during the scanning process.


  1. Why not scan my own pictures? 
First off, a high quality scanner can run you upwards of $300 to purchase.
But more importantly, Ship to Scan will save you time! Scanning takes patience and a lot of time. 500 photos can take as much as 10 monotonous hours of scanning.
No one has time for that! 
  1. Why should I scan my old photos?
Your memories are irreplaceable! And they’re in danger. Danger of fading, tearing and getting lost. Digitizing your photos allows you to preserve them FOREVER! After using Ship to Scan you will be easily able to:
  • Declutter and organize all of your memories
  • Generate photo books, holiday cards, gifts and more
  • Upload your photos to social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram
  • Share copies with family and loved ones 
  1. I have photo albums and baby books, do I have to remove all the photos myself? 

No. Our technicians will safely and cautiously remove your pictures for you and scan them in order. A $50 “Album handling fee” will be added to your order. We know how delicate these books are so if any problems arise in the removal process, you will be contacted prior to scanning to discuss and resolve. 

  1. What is dpi and why does Ship to Scan only scan at 600 dpi? 
DPI stands for “dots per inch” and is a technical term in scanning.  It tells you the pixels per inch that a scanner will produce. 
We believe scanning at a high resolution is important. Part of the benefit of scanning your old photos is the ability to create new prints, enlargements and photo products.  Our experience has shown that a 600 dpi produces the best quality photo scans.  This will give you more options for copies and reprints to be passed down to future generations. 
  1. How long will the scanning process take? 

You will receive your original shipment along with chosen DVD or thumb drive14 business from when we receive your shipment.  

  1. How do I pay for my scans? 

Upon receipt of your shipment, an invoice will be e-mailed to you. The e-mail will include a link to click on to pay online vie Pay Pal or any major credit card. 

  1. Can I get my digitized photos in less than 2 weeks? 

Yes! Ship-to-Scan offers an Express Scan service option for those who need their digital copies faster. You will receive your shipment 7 business days prior to receiving your photos. That’s half the normal turnaround time!  A $.10 per image fee will be charged for this service. 

  1. How do I receive my scanned images? 

Upon completion, you will receive your choice of a DVD or thumb drive containing all your newly scanned photos. 

  1. Can I request extra thumb drives or DVD’s? Can I get both?
Yes. You can order extra DVD’s and thumb drives at checkout for an additional $10 each.